Home Recording Course:

A lot of people buy home recording gear now. The internet is full of forums and articles on recording, you can also buy books, DVD's, magazines etc etc etc. Although talking to someone via the net or reading/watching something where you cannot ask questions face to face, well a lot of the time you miss stuff and it just confuses you more :)

I know there are a few other courses around with large class sizes and who basically just read out of a book chapter by chapter. Yeah just like school days, where you get hardly any personal time with the teacher. This course is different.  We run with a class size of four only, it's very informal and the course changes each week to be more personalised to the people who are there.   Below is a break down on the course.

• Basic Acoustics. Finding the best spot in a room to record or listen.
• Monitors what you’re hearing what you’re not hearing.
• Headphones to mix or not to mix? To record with or without?
• What different mics sound like? Dynamics, Chinese LDC and Neumann Valve LDC
• Mic positioning. Moving around a mic and listening for differences in tones. To use mic position instead of EQ.
• Showing the difference a more expensive microphone preamp does to your sound.
• The differences recording in an acoustically treated room and a un- treated room
• Recording levels how loud? Or how soft?
• Latency what is it? How do I get around it?
• Setting up a session so it’s easy to work with. (Templates, naming)
• Connecting all your gear. What’s +4db? What’s -10db? Balanced? Unbalanced? Peak Meters? VU Meter's?


• Adjusting Levels
• EQ it equalises. Learning to equalise. Should I cut or should I boost? What are the controls? What do they do?
• Compressor/Limiters, Gates and Expanders what are the controls? Why is my sound now smaller?
•EQ or Compression first? 
• Reverb, Delays, chorus, flangers, phasers all things that modulate.
• Not all plugins are created equal!
• Watching levels when mixing.
• Outboard verus plugin.
• So what is this tape and valve thing about?
• How to create width and space in a mix.
• Automation is your friend
• Mastering what is it? How do I do DIY at home?


Each person brings in there own music to mix and get help with Mixes. If you do not have anything I can supply something. Do a mix and take it home to listen.


• So what should I buy, or do I need anything else for what I want to do?
• What else do you want to know?
• Things not covered? What have we missed that you wanted to know?
• What are you still fuzzy on?


I am currently doing these 1 on 1 at your own place with your gear.

$160 for 4 hours. Up to you if you do one or more nights, depending on what you want answered.

You spent all that money on gear you do not know how to use. Now get some insight on how to use it.

Call Dave on 0408 812636 or email studio@indentmusic.com.au