INDENT can mix your songs not at a per hour fee like other studios, at a per song fee.  Send me a mp3 of your song, if it is something I think we can both get something out of then send your data files. I will mix a verse and chorus of one song if you are happy with the direction I  have gone then I will mix the rest at a set per song fee. If your not then we can both just walk away. Check out  Mp3's and  Clients I have already recorded.

Check out some new tracks done for The Radio Lights in the MP3 Section



We can master your recordings at a per song fee as low as $50 a song. Help make your home/studio recordings sound better then before.


Recording Courses and Training. (Melbourne Based)

A recording course at your own place. Pick the topics you want to learn more about,  in one or two or more nights hands on one on one training. At only $160 for 4 hours . Learn to use your tools not just buy new ones. Courses


Freelance Recording and Remote Recording services

INDENT can also record you anywhere with our remote setup or else you can get me to freelance at another studio if you want me to be involved with your project.


So call INDENT 0408 812636 Or Email